How to submit story pieces

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    How to submit story pieces

    Post  Snowy... on Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:24 pm

    The format of how you post your stories should be:
    the file format (eg. word document):

    There are 3 ways of submitting a story:
    1. 1st way is to just copy and paste the whole text into the message box, but only if the story is short.
    2. The 2nd way is to upload a file via and upload. When your upload has finished, there should be a html download link. copy that link and click the button. Copy the link into there and name the title of the story for example..
    3. The 3rd way is to upload via, deviant art, and join a "group" which is still under construction...(currently unusable)

    Remember take this URL, if you're using

    note: If you upload anything with malware, you will be permanently banned

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