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    Fairy Tail Profiles

    Post  DanglyParts :P on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:53 am

    Here we go.

    =Natsu Dragneel=

    The main character of Fairy Tail, he was raised by a dragon, Igneel, he was taught magic from this dragon and uses it to this day. He meets Lucy fairly early and saves her from a Fake Fairy Tail member and brings Lucy to Fairy Tail so she can join. She then joins and then constantly teams up with Natsu, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet on missions.

    He treasures friendship more than anything else in the world and will do anything to help his friends when they need it. He demonstrates this trait many times throughout the manga, even going as far as to deny his Guild master's orders just to save a friend. Despite that though, he can be very quirky and has a very energetic personality, however he can be quite clueless.



    Dragon Slayer : Natsu uses an old style of magic, known as Dragon Slayer, this magic is very powerful and utilizes an elemental affinity, Natsu's being Fire. It is one of very few physical magic styles, since most of the techniques use punches and kicks, though it still can be long ranges as well. A special trait of using Dragon Slayer magic is that they can eat their own element and recover their strength.

    Dragon Force : A special form for Dragon Slayers that gives them dragon like qualities such as; scales, more pointed teeth, full control over their element and gives increased power. Eating special materials allow for the activation of Dragon Force.


    Fire Dragon's Roar : Natsu breathes fire at his opponents which transforms in a large fireball.

    Fire Dragon's Claw : Natsu ignites his feet on fire to increase the power of his kicks.

    Fire Dragon's Iron Fist : Natsu engulfs his fist in flames to strike his opponent, causing increased damage.

    Fire Dragon's Wing Attack : Natsu takes hold of his opponent and ignites his hands on fire as support to throw them.

    Fire Dragon's Sword Edge : Natsu ignites his entire body on fire to charge at his opponent to launch them high into the air.

    Fire Dragon's Gleaming Flame : Igniting both of his hands on fire, Natsu simultaneously strikes his opponent.

    Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow : Lighting the tip of his elbow on fire, Natsu can boost the speed of his punch tremendously.

    Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang : With his hand ignited he gouges his hand into his enemy and quickly swipes away.

    Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist : Lighting his hands on fire, Natsu will rapidly punch his opponent with his fists. Each punch causes a fiery explosion.

    Fire Dragon's Red Lotus Flame Exploding Blade : After a series of attacks, Natsu finishes with a torrent of blade-shaped flames that strike the enemy in a spiral formation. Every time the enemy is hit with a blade, it explodes. Described as the ultimate Dragon Slayer technique, this attack is so powerful it has been shown to smash through dragon scales, which is known to have tremendous endurance capabilities.

    Red Lotus Phoenix Sword : Natsu releases all his magic power then ignites his entire body on fire with the Flame of Rebuke then delivers a devastating punch to his opponent. This is also Described as the ultimate Dragon Slayer technique and the Dragon Slayers Hidden Art, Sea Fire Style. This could be Natsu's strongest attack as not even Fire Dragon Crimson Exploding Flame Blade was able to defeat Zero's strongest attack, though this may be because Exploding flame blade focuses on penetration instead of mass damage.

    ====SPOILER END====

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