Nurarihyon no Mago Profiles

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    Nurarihyon no Mago Profiles

    Post  DanglyParts :P on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:21 am

    Last one of the day.

    =Rikuo Nura=

    The main character of Nurarihyon No Mago, he is a very timid boy and is 1/4 demon. This forces him to become a demon at night, he is the grandson of Nurarihyon and is thus suppose to succeed his grandfather. At first he was glad to, until he discovered how ruthless demons are then he didn't want to anymore. Now he is trying his hardest to become leader to protect those dear too him.

    He is very timid, though can be very brave if need be. His night form however, is very brave and ruthless, just like every other demon. He is very capable fighter, unlike day Rikuo. He is currently learning to fight in his day form.



    Nenekirimaru : This is Rikuo's only weapon and as such is very powerful, it can only harm demons and was inherited by his grandfather.


    Fear : This is the 'weapon' that Rikuo uses, it makes him undetectable and allows him to move in on enemies unseen. Very basic.

    Manifestation - Meikyou Shisui : This is his real technique, "Meikyou Shisui" this allows him to activate his Fear making him practicably invisible.

    Haunting - Kyouka Suigetsu : This is the way most demons actually fight and how they 'sever' the opponents Fear, Rikuo's is "Kyouka Suigetsu" this allows him to be untouchable. Any attack dealt to him goes straight through him like he was an illusion.

    ====SPOILERS END====

    Man, do I like this one. Very interesting.

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