RETRO GAME: LoZ: ocarina of time. i bet everyone saw this one coming.


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    RETRO GAME: LoZ: ocarina of time. i bet everyone saw this one coming.

    Post  HADOU-KEN on Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:51 am

    OMG. THIS WAS AN AWESOME GAME. NEVER EVER, (till i heard about ffvii, which was weirdly enuff, like 2 millenia after it came out lol.) HAVE I SEEN, IN A GAME, STORY AND GAMEPLAY AND A MUTE PROTAGONIST BREED SO WELL.

    LoZ: ocarina of time is one of the most legendary games for the n64, and thou can probably say that this was kinda like the ffvii equiavalent for the zelda series i gess. it completely defined 3d adventure gaming, gave it a unique zelda touch and revolutionised the series onto 3d.

    ok graphics/sound/presentation.
    HOLY RAPTOR JESUS. this games graphics were fu**ing awesome for its time. this really pushed the n64 to its limits both artistically and technically. these graphics, were like considered HD, somewhat comparable to that of ffvii, and that alone is something to behold. sounds and music were nearly the same, the only complaint being navi, ur fairy. the music was incredibly awesome. from the small town of kakariko village to the vast plains of hyrule fields, music is absolutely brilliant, especially the main theme that plays at the title. some may say that the limitations dont make it sound as good as it should've been (MIDIs can sometimes sound bad on cardtridges), but the overall sound design suits the game well. presentation is well done. along with kick*ss graphics came brilliant level design and perfectly tuned enemies. the game does a great job at telling the story to the player, and cutscenes, although they may be full of dialogue, are purrty danng awesome. only complaints were the lack of some colour, the frame rate that can sometimes be a bi*ch, and the somewhat dated textures but i was nitpicking a bit there, and the overall presentation is AWESOME.

    now we go to story/setting/chars.
    story-wise, ITS A ZELDA GAME. WADAYA EXPECT. but for those noobs out there who still havent played this awesome game, its about young mute boy (whom you name) who is chosen to save the world and the princess of light from the evil ganondoruf. wait though, it gets more complex than that later on in the game and that is the reason i chose this game out of all the other ones. its set in the vast land of hyrule which is being thretened by ganondorf. but this reincarnation of hyrule is one of the best ones in the series. characters are self-explanitory, theres the hero, (place funny name here), the royal princess zelda (who you get to stalk early on in the game XD), and ganondorf the evil (black guy? no offence PimpedupAntagonist) wizard who is trying to take over the world and all the other guys you meet throughout the course of the game. this zelda has quite a lot of quirky characters you meet through the game, one of them being the catalyst for this games supposed sequel (GUESS WAHT GAME THAT IS FORUM I DARE YOU).

    well its the old tried and true zelda formula, go to this dungeon>get new item>beat boss by using new item. but controls and combat-wise, a lot has changed. combat in zelda is not the typical find a monster, go up to him and slash, this time its more strategic and action packed. once you find an enemy your fairy will put an arrow over it, and that way you can lock on whilst holding z. after that you can do waht u want, be a terrorist and throw bombs, be a lil bit strategic and stun him first or just be a noob and keep on slashing the ba***erd. but dont forget that the enemy will always fight back, so you have to keep on your toes and dodge when needed. you dont have to lock on to pwn enemies in this game, if ur 1337 enuff you can just go up to them and spin-attack, or if ur even more 1337, just slash them one by one without lockon, but this method is not preferred. the lockon system is a very good choice for combat, and its stayed nearly the same in most 3d zeldas. these lockon systems have now become a staple for most 3d adventure games without guns. Within hyrule, there are many dungeons to conquer and within them many ancient artifacts to be put to your use. the dungeons in this game are full of 1337ness as every single one of them is unique, and the puzzles are awesome enough to keep you interested. puzzles in the dungeons are mind-boggling, but not too hard that its nearly unsolvable unless ur 1337. bosses are easy and simple, and there not to thretening, if u know what your doing youll breeze through them all. the only complaint involving the dungeons was the water temple in the second half of the game, which was harder because if you didnt do everything rite and to the dot, your road mite be blocked for a bit.

    overall this is a great classic, worth playing and totally worth those 1000 wii points. This game has aged extremely well and it may not prettiest or biggest adventure out there, but 1 of the very best ones availabel. acquire on sight.
    RATING: 9.5/10
    Le Azn
    Le Azn
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    Teh 1337 -Demi-GOD

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    Re: RETRO GAME: LoZ: ocarina of time. i bet everyone saw this one coming.

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    Teabagging FTW, to show your 1337ness

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