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    Post  HADOU-KEN on Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:32 am

    death note.
    a tool that can bring destruction or salvation at the whim of the user.

    death note is a manga/anime series created by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn up by manga artist Takeshi Obata. The story is about a university honour student named light yagami, who hates the relentless and recent increase of crime in his area. his life changes when he finds the death note, a shinigami's (God of Death) notebook which allows him to kill anyone hes seen and knows the name of. after he acquires it, he puts it to use by "purifying" th world of all criminals by killing them all and soon make a new world in which he will be the god. he is not alone however, and soon the worlds top detective, named L, finds out about this unknown killer who is killing criminals one by one, and uses a television program to tell this unknown killer, who is actually Light himself, that he will catch him. from then on the plot unfolds and it plays out like a game of psychological cat and mouse. this manga/anime does a great job of of telling the story and it really suits the setting. Characters i can describe in only one word: eccentric. Lights crazy motives and his quick and painful methods make him kinda like a criminal himself, but the purpose towards why he is doing it shows purity within him. L on the other hand, has a few strange habits and wont reveal any of his information (not even his real name) to the public. he has a tendency to eat sweets a lot yet he is still lanky and thin, as it is explained that his brain is the part of his body that uses up the most calories. along the way, as you progress through the manga/anime, you will meet a heap of other crazy characters and somewhat predictable, although still dramatic, plot twists. overall the characters are weird, but in a good way that makes them sound interesting. The art is pretty good here and it somewhat resembles hikaru no go having the same artist and all. the art style does not shine for colour or style, but makes up for a dark sort of realism that gives it a dark and interesting feel. the english dub was good, but not great as some characters did sound like idiots at some times but overall it was a good dub.

    Even though there isnt any fist flying or kamehamehas forming to be seen, this is overall still a great manga and really worth watching.

    rating: 9.0/10:HADOUS CHOICE

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